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I'm sorry, I was having a flashback...

Hi I'm new! XD

LJ name: smilies__rule

1) Can I please claim the scene where Wonka's talking to the oompa loompas, and says,

Wonka: I want you to roll Miss Beauregarde into the boat and take her along to the juicing room at once.
Mrs. Beauregarde: The juicing room? What are they going to do to her there??
Wonka: ...They're going to squeeze her. Like a little pimple. Gotta squeeze all of that juice out of her immediately!

2) And can I also claim the oompa loompa sign language? When wonka's talking to him in the tree house ^_^ (if its not already claimed, that is XD)

3) When Grandma Georgina says, 'You smell like peanuts! I love peanuts!'
When the people first enter the chocolate room (with the meadow), this scene:

Charlie: It's beautiful!
Wonka: What? Oh yea. It's very beautiful.

4) Wonka's look when he opens the gate for Mr. Salt in the nut sorting room.

5) And the look on wonka's face in my icon (thats when he's having a flashback in the boat XD)
When, in the TV room, Mr. Teavee asks (as he pulls Mike from the TV),

Mr. Teavee: And what exactly do you propose to do about this?
Wonka: ...I dont know. But young men are extremely springy, they stretch like mad. *Gasp* Lets go put him in the taffy puller!
Mr. teavee: Taffy puller??
Wonka: Hey, that was my idea. Boy, is he gonna be skinny... Yea.... Taffy puller...

So many claims... >_>

Thanks muchly! :D

Edit: You can see where I've had second thoughts ^__^
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